Top Trends in High-Quality Printed Products From Leading Print Shops in 2020

The turbulence experienced by many print businesses in 2020 has accelerated the process of change and improvement for the industry. As businesses continue to adapt, some are taking the lead by embracing new technologies, like automation and AI. These new tools are transforming the way that print shops work, increasing speed, efficiency and quality. In addition, these technology advancements are bringing the digital and print worlds closer together than ever before.

Product personalization has become one of the biggest trends in printing. Personalized products allow people to infuse their personality and style into their everyday life. From a customized laptop skin to a custom gaming accessory, consumers are able to make their products and experiences truly their own. This trend is also driving ecommerce and online sales, as users can design their own products to be shipped directly to them.

With increased demand for personalized products comes shorter print runs and more specific specifications. For example, a winery may have a different stock keeping unit (SKU) for each of its wines, which requires unique labels and packaging. This is challenging for printers as they must ensure the correct details are printed, while maintaining a high level of quality and reducing waste.

On-demand printing is another trend that is reshaping the industry. This printing method allows for shorter print runs and quicker turnaround times. It can be especially helpful for marketing materials, as it allows brands to print smaller batches of different content that is geared towards a certain demographic. This type of printing can also be more cost-effective than traditional methods, as it cuts out the cost of storing excess material.

Green printing is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Using eco-friendly printing options, such as water-based inks and recycled paper stocks, can help reduce your company’s environmental impact while aligning your brand with environmentally conscious consumers. This is a great way to boost your brand’s image and increase customer loyalty.

Wide-format printing is another growing area in the printing industry. This technique is ideal for producing large posters, banners, and other promotional materials. It is a cost-effective option for business that want to promote their products and services in high-traffic areas, without the need for costly outdoor advertising.

In the future, we will see even more integration between the digital and print worlds. For example, printed materials could include interactive QR codes or NFC tags that connect to a website or video. This will allow consumers to experience more of the story behind the product, or even interact with it through augmented reality or virtual reality. This will further enhance the value of the print product and create a more immersive and exciting experience for the consumer.

Your local printing company in Denver can offer you a wide variety of paper stocks, substrates (materials other than paper that can be printed on), colors, finishes and binding options so your finished product perfectly matches your brand. They should also have the capability to print both digitally and offset, providing you with flexibility and capacity depending on your needs.

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